ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Jeff Birner, founder and CEO of IT Consulting St. Petersburg (ITC), a Florida-based Information Technology company serving clients throughout the U.S recently announced that the organization has added Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology to their cybersecurity offerings, to protect the front lines of security for critical infrastructure, and businesses throughout the U.S., and beyond.

The XDR technology is in addition to Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, End-point Security, Multi-cloud Encryption and Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS), that ITC will continue to offer.

According to Birner, who is a California native and of Filipino descent, this implementation was necessary due to the growing number of global and domestic threats, breaches, and increase in demand.

As recently reported by the Identity Theft Resource Center, the United States experienced a record-breaking year for cyber-attacks in 2021, and the trend continued into the first quarter of this year with phishing and ransomware remaining the top two root causes of attack.

“If you feel a loss of company, client or employee data, or even the loss of funds, would hurt your business, you need to review your cybersecurity posture to see where you stand,” stated Birner.

As an industry expert, Birner says the addition of the XDR technology as an added layer of cybersecurity, threat detection and response that will provide protection against cyberattacks, unauthorized access, and misuse. XDR works to protect a corporation by offering a more rapid detection of potential bad actors, decreasing security response time, and identifying security threats, with the ability to go fully operational within 72 hours following installation.

“Monetary loss is not the only threat corporations throughout the United States face. Over 200 companies throughout the U.S. have their information and data, up for bid, or posted for free, on the dark web due to breaches in security.” These breaches place patents, personal data, trade secrets, bank accounts, passports, driver’s licenses and other personal documents at the fingertips of hackers and hacktivists throughout the world.” Birner stated.

ITC offers corporations the opportunity to decrease the risk of cybersecurity attacks by offering a suite of cybersecurity solutions including: XDR, Penetration Testing, 24/7 Incident response, Vulnerability Scanning, End-point Security, Multi-cloud Encryption and CyberSecurity as a Service (CSaaS) to identify and remediate potential threats.

About IT Consulting St. Petersburg

IT Consulting St. Petersburg, a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), was founded in 2017, in St. Petersburg, Florida with a dedication to offering the best information technology services with a focus on network infrastructure and cybersecurity to the institutional, corporate and consumer user.