IT Consulting was honored to be invited to speak at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Power Lunch in Tampa Bay on August 5th..CEO Jeff Birner, along with our partner, Scott Lyons (CEO at Red Lion), gave an informative presentation on supply chain concerns and the importance of cybersecurity amid today’s ongoing threats.

Some of the subjects touched on were the stresses and dangers that the supply chain situation has caused. Since COVID began in 2020, all industries have been affected and deliveries for much-needed equipment has been severely backed up. This is seen in everything from chicken wings to Corvettes. There are IT projects that, not only haven’t been completed due to the long lead times that OEMs are providing, but many are not even able to start! It is always good to have options and backup plans, whether it be an alternative part, 3rd party, or even used/refurbished. At ITC, we have established relationships with 300+ global partners who we utilized when it comes to supply chain demands.

With Cybersecurity, the increase in cybercrime (specifically ransomware attacks), is up 93% since 2021. It is so important to have the right programs in place to protect from intrusion or detect and mitigate any breach as soon as it happens.
– Ransom payoffs have been exceeding $800,000 and recovery costs are at more than $2M per incident–and if you are lucky enough to have cyber insurance, there is no guarantee any payment will recover the damage to the organization and its customers!
ITC is positioned to help guide your company to find the best cybersecurity fit. If you are looking to confirm the strength of your security position, especially with all the attacks and data theft happening, we have many entry-level solutions that are at or above what many established larger companies are doing.

A little bit about Tampa Bay Entrepreneurs’ Organization. EO is a dynamic, global network of 14,000+ members in 62 countries and 198 Chapters with a vision to build the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs. EO Tampa Bay members are in a variety of industries, including Automotive, Brewing, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Professional Services.


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