Are you prepared for a Ransomware Attack?

Here is what we know, most companies feel a degree of certainty that “they” will not be hit with Ransomware. Many steps are taken to prevent all attacks and budgets are flooded with costly Cyber Security platforms. But, are you safe?

Odds are good that you are, unless you are a target. What I mean is, Cyber Crimes (according to Google) are happening every 11 seconds. We do not believe it’s a matter of if but more so when. Now back to our opening question, are you prepared for a Ransomware attack? Like a fire drill, there should be a process in place.

What do we do? Who do we call? Do we negotiate? What is being held for ransom? Do we pay? The list can go on and on and the steps can be done in random orders such as, Call Attorney, call insurance, call CEO, call COO, call IR team. At ITC, we will help with all of that, you would call us in the first 3 steps along with Call CEO and Attorney.

We would then schedule a confidential call with our team and yours and discuss next steps, typically within the first 30-60 minutes. From there we will sign NDAs, discuss the incident and prepare a statement of work and begin the process.

With our partners, we will walk you through the process of the incident, investigate the cause, suggest the remediation and work to make sure this does not happen again.

If you are in need, we are here to help: 833-ITC-WiFi

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