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ITC CEO Jeff Birner was featured on Newsmax last week to speak on Cyber Security in response to the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In their meeting they discussed many important issues with a focus on cyber security, particularly the 14 “Off-Limits” Critical Infrastructure Sectors. Although the list is published online, it was odd that these sectors were singled out, and then mentioned again in the interview afterwards. Drawing a line in the sand is only good if the line is real. Considering President Putin put the United States as #1 for attackers, and the President Biden has mentioned Russia as our #1 enemy, we find it interesting that neither mentioned the #1 offender on every list we have seen. China.

While we trust there is a plan in place for retaliation if these “announced” sectors are truly attacked this also begs the question: What about those sectors not on the list…the private businesses? Your organization?

With so many attacks from all over the world (FBI receives 2,000 complaints a Day!) we are suggesting that ALL companies review their CYBER Strategy and look toward updated enhancements to prevent future attacks to the best of their ability. ITC has partnered with leaders in the industry to provide assessments and multiple solutions for your business needs.

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