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Have you ever been frustrated by the dead zones in your home’s WiFi network? Has your WiFi ever been interrupted while scrolling, streaming a movie or even gaming? Well, you may want to think about buying a mesh router. Mesh routers can automatically reroute congested WiFi channels through their built-in access points to another channel providing speedy WiFi signal from room to room. We would like to introduce to you: Portal EV.

Our Portal (Enterprise Version) uses it’s advanced specialized technology to access¬†simultaneous multiple DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) channels. These DFS channels, or FastLanes, allow your WiFi to automatically be rerouted to one of these channels in case of any interruption due to a crowded channel. While other routers are stuck with limited channels in two bands, Portal EV has unlimited access to channels in 6 bands.

If you see five or more networks when connecting to your home WiFi, chances are your Internet is slower than it should be. In apartments, condos, busy neighborhoods and crowded urban areas, networks compete with each other. This means more buffering, interruptions, and slower speeds than you pay for. Portal fixes this.

Portal analyzes your environment and searched for clean DFS channels in the 5GHz range. It is the only router certified to operate on these channels because it uses radar-sensing hardware. You will be astonished by the performance of Portal- the speed and reliability are unique from a device this size.  

There continues to be an unprecedented amounts of gaming & online video watching during this crisis. This is compounded by traffic for those working from home with VPN connections to corporate WANs occupying dedicated paths (Bandwidth) for hours & hours. Portal is the WiFi AP to manage the surge.

Portal is great for MDUs, apartments, condos, busy neighborhoods and crowded urban areas with networks that compete with each other. For other APs this means more buffering, interruptions, and slower speeds. Portal fixes this with FastLanes! Let customers access the service offering they are paying for. Check out the video below to for a visual representation of how Portal works.

Portal is a perfect opportunity for operators to support single dwelling existing service offerings.

  • TR-069 compliance for hassle-free setup and configuration.
  • Web-based management, configuration backup and restoration.
  • Specifically designed for high-bandwidth applications such as online gaming, video streaming, and real-time audio.

Next time you catch up on your favorite shows or movies, gaming or scroll through social media, you will get you the fastest connection, even when lots of people and devices are nearby. Let us be the ones to provide you with a more in-depth discussion on how Portal can improve your business. Send us a message, give us a call or shoot over an email to and we will get back to shortly. We are very excited to be working with Portal and look forward to incorporating it into your business or home.

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