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Addressing your cybersecurity needs has never been more critical.

The average cost of a malware attack today is estimated at $2.6 million, and the average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million. The longer it takes to detect and respond to threats, the riskier and more costly the remedy.

Take the Right Action.

Quest’s expert resources and sophisticated tools provide you with the perspective you need to determine which issues require immediate attention so you can take the right action.

Quest’s CyberDefense Suite provides protection and visibility across your organization and expands your view of the virtual landscape. You can relax and focus on other priorities knowing that Quest CyberDefense professionals are monitoring your environment 24/7.

The benefits of the CyberDefense Suite include having a pedigreed Incident Response team with broad capabilities and Quest’s experience managing hundreds of clients worldwide.

Reinforce your workforce with Quest’s sophisticated tools on your side and gain vital insights with actionable threat intelligence.

Enter CyberDefense Suite:

Endpoint Device Security


Email Security Protection

           DNS Security

          Existing Firewall

        Vulnerability Scan

Endpoint Device Security

Quest’s CyberDefense Suite will provide and monitor your endpoint platform, and alert you of events in real-time. You can redirect your focus to other business priorities while Quest’s certified IT professionals leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and deliver reliable data from events generated at your endpoints to deal with suspicious activities immediately. Quest’s Endpoint Device Security Protection and Endpoint as a Service (EPaaS), powered by Cylance, can be instrumental in shortening incident response times and serve as the first step towards proactive, continuous threat hunting.

Email Security Protection

With CyberDefense Suite in place, Quest will help your organization defend against today’s threats and common nuisances, such as impostor email, phishing, malware, spam and bulk mail. Quest’s Email Security Suite, powered by Proofpoint, helps secure and control inbound and outbound email through multi-layered threat protection in the cloud. Email Security Suite can scale to meet the needs of even the most complex enterprise deployments – supporting cloud, hybrid, and on-premises installations – and ensure email business continuity.

Domain Name System Security

CyberDefense Suite provides a first line of defense against cyber security threats, wherever users access the internet – on or off your corporate network. Quest’s Domain Name System as a Service (DNSaaS), powered by Cisco Umbrella, will provide 24/7 monitoring and alerts so your security team gains the intelligence and context needed to continually block threats over any port or protocol before they reach your network or endpoints. Quest DNSaaS will help you protect your enterprise-wide users, by reducing malware threats and your remediation time.

Firewall/IDS/IPS Monitoring/Alerting

Your firewall is essential in preventing unauthorized traffic from accessing your systems. Make it more robust with Quest. With CyberDefense Suite in place, Quest will review the thousands of messages generated by your existing firewall, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) 24/7, alerting you on an as-needed basis. Quest will monitor and keep your IDS/IPS devices up-to-date, allowing your team to identify and swiftly respond to any potential threat.

Quarterly Vulnerability Scan

Attackers need only one point of vulnerability to exploit and gain entrance to your systems. For that reason, Quest recommends and provides an external quarterly vulnerability assessment and enforcement of security policies. There is no infrastructure to deploy or manage. Quest can help your organization accurately and systematically document regulatory and policy compliance.


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